The future

Our vision is to contribute to the continuous advancement of health. As a company, and as individuals, Sanofi and its talented employees have always striven to advance the cause of health by developing treatments that prevent and treat diseases, while enhancing access to healthcare for the people around the world.

Our ideal would be to provide this care to as many of the world's 7.4 billion people as we possibly can. At present, 80% of the world's population has little or no access to medicines. We at Sanofi believe this is unacceptable.

We're not out to take over the world, but we'd love to do what we can for those that live in it.

Global responsibility - responding to global healthcare challenges is not only a business opportunity, but a moral responsibility. Our global Access to Medicines Department was created to improve access to healthcare in the poorest countries. Our programs focus on disease areas where we have recognized expertise; malaria, tuberculosis, neglected tropical diseases, mental disorders and epilepsy. We work with partners to find sustainable solutions and our approach works on several levels:
• Implement preferential pricing policies in countries where we provide our support, making our medicines affordable for the poorest patients
• Develop information, education and communication programs to train healthcare professionals, provide information to communities and educate patients about prevention, diagnosis and treatments for these diseases
• Offer our local partners solutions that are adapted to the needs of communities
• Step up research and development to provide drugs adapted to the needs of targeted populations and to anticipate future needs

Increasing innovation in R&D - as we increase our focus to the individual patient, we have to carry out a complete review of our portfolio, tapping into the brightest scientific minds around the globe. Over the past decades, we have achieved tremendous efforts in biomedical research and have progressed in controlling infectious diseases for instance. However, as people live longer, they now suffer from more complex and chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cancer or cardiovascular diseases. These diseases remain difficult to treat effectively, hence the necessity to find ways to accelerate the development of new, more effective and better tolerated health solutions for patients. At the heart of our job is high-quality and rigorous science combined with a passion to understand patients’ needs and develop the solutions that will improve their lives.



At Sanofi, we are convinced that to be truly innovative and to bring better treatment options to patients, we must understand their needs and how their disease affects their day to day lives. Who is better placed to define gaps in treatments than those living with a particular disease or those who advocate for them? Through their insights, we develop medicines that better fit their needs.

Our aim is to connect fundamental research (based on biological and animal models) and clinical research (focused on human beings) to facilitate the transfer of recent scientific discoveries to the clinical care of patients. This way, we will accelerate the provision of better, more effective and targeted treatments. The success of this approach requires increased collaboration between our researchers, physicians and clinical research centers.