Career paths

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Paul - Scientific Advisor

2008 to present day

Scientific Advisor Medical - Oncology

In my current role, I'm accountable for providing balanced scientific and clinical support to external stakeholders in the field, focussing on the non-promotional scientific communication of scientific and clinical data to support decision-making. This includes technical support to company personnel and internal training as required.

2006 to 2008

Business Intelligence Manager

In this role I was able to share my knowledge by training and developing all new and existing company personnel on call recording, call reporting and sales reporting systems used by the company - designing and developing a new programme.

2003 to 2006

Senior CRM (Customer Relationships Manager) Executive

I maintained and supported the company-wide database, call reporting and sales reporting activities in this role, as well as organising and implementing all sales force initial training courses on the Siebel system.

2000 to 2003

Oncology Sales Specialist South London

Liaising with leading Consultant Oncologists, their medical teams, pharmacists and nursing staff, I guided them through training and education. Credibility was key for this role and gained through customer focus and excellent product knowledge.

Caroline - Diabetes Director

2009 to present day

Business Strategy and Innovation Director UK

I started this new role on the 1st November 2009 and was looking forward to working in a customer and patient centric organisation. I haven't been disappointed. All of the skills that I have learnt so far in my career will help me interact effectively in a transversal way to drive the UK organisation moving forward.

2007 to 2009

Vice President Global Marketing and Access for Cardiovascular

My most recent job assignment was based in our global organisation in Paris, where I led the cardiovascular franchise. I found myself in charge of €multi-million revenue products such as Plavix and Aprovel, as well as working on the next blockbuster - Multaq. I learnt so much from this placement, where highlights included intercultural working, learning from other countries, working across central functions like R&D, building global brand strategies and adapting to - and delivering in - a changing, complex environment. Amazing.

2006 to 2007

Business Unit Director for Metabolism

Around 10 months before the Acomplia launch, I was asked to lead the metabolism business unit. This provided me with the opportunity to work in diabetes for the first time and taught me about another therapeutic area, sharpening my launch planning skills.

2004 to 2005

Business Unit Director, Thrombosis sanofi-aventis

At the time of the Sanofi and Aventis merger I was offered the business unit leadership of both Plavix and Clexane. This allowed me to learn new ways of working from a different company and then implement their best practices. It also helped me to learn how to integrate organisations together following a merger.


Marketing Director for the promoted portfolio sanofi-synthelabo

During this time, I was involved in pre-launch preparation for Acomplia. By far the most important things I gleaned from this time was portfolio management and leading across multiple brands, where you learn that you simply cannot know every single detail of what is going on!

2001 to 2002

Business Unit Director, Thrombosis and Oncology sanofi-synthelabo

This was my first role combining sales and marketing with accountability for delivering both aspects. I learnt a lot about managing sales forces from a high level perspective and how to get sales and marketing working well together.

1999 to 2001

Marketing Manager for CV Brands and Head of Oncology Business Unit

As Marketing Manager, I set up the pre-launch and launch plan for Eloxatin for the UK as well as managing the CV brands from a marketing perspective. My time was invaluable in this role, as I learnt the key success factors for an oncology launch, as well how to build and motivate a team for the launch.

1997 to 1999

Marketing Manager for Cardiovascular Products at sanofi-winthrop

I started my career at sanofi-aventis working on the pre-launch and launch planning for Aprovel and Plavix, as well as marketing for inline CV brands (Modalim, Brevibloc, Adenocor and Adenoscan). I really learnt how to drive both decision-making and implementation forward across a joint venture alliance, in order to deliver success at launch and beyond. A great start.

John - Integrated Healthcare Manager

2010 to present day

Integrated Healthcare Manager (IHM)

I currently work to optimise the success of the company portfolio. Alongside this, I am helping the company move towards healthcare (as opposed to straight Pharma) through delivering wider strategic opportunities and learnings; this means I feed customer insights into our broader objectives to achieve our goals.

This role spans 10 Primary Care Trusts, but I have the support of my team including six Therapy Executives and a Healthcare Executive. It's a dynamic role, which helps inform and shape national plans, whilst still affording a degree of decision-making and autonomy.

2008 to 2009

Regional Key Account Manager

Supported by my team of Account Executives, I'm accountable for hitting targets for sales, growth and market access across the portfolio. I also focus on deeper joint working initiatives with customers. Our in-depth understanding of the NHS and its impacts within our region, helps inform our strategic regional business plans.

Key to our success is improved relations on a B2B level with customers and other third parties, as well as internally - specifically within our portfolio - feeding back customer insights to enhance overall performance and organisational strategy. I've learnt flexibility is essential, as is forging relationships with key stakeholders internally and externally.

2005 to 2008

Regional Business Manager (Specialist - Bone division)

In my previous role, I'd taken on additional tasks and experiences to develop my coaching and leadership skills, which led to a First Line Sales Management role. My brief was to hit sales and growth targets by leading, coaching and setting business plans with the support of a large team, across three brands and three Strategic Health Authorities. This really consolidated my business skills, improving my ability to work cross-functionally and honed my people management skills in order to connect national brand strategy with regional delivery.

2004 to 2005

Commercial Account Executive - sanofi-aventis

This role came about by taking a keen interest in the commercial element of the business. My remit was to ensure net uplift in cash sales across primary care dispensing Dr's across the South West and South Central regions. This meant negotiating discounts with customers to deliver the target volume across the portfolio and assessing new or altered discounts on base brands, before deciding to launch additional discounts. In addition to refining my negotiation skills, I also learnt a lot about the internal system of pricing, costing and patent issues.

2002 to 2004

Medical Representative - sanofi-synthelabo

My brief was to deliver sales and growth in line with set sales targets across three products, ensuring that sanofi-synthelabo generated good relationships with its NHS customers. I gained an invaluable insight into the NHS, how to develop customer relations, a broad understanding of the supply chain, as well as learning how new drugs come to market.

Mike - Head of Supply Chain

2009 to present day

Head of Supply Chain

As this is a relatively new role, so far it has all been about leading people through the uncertainty of organizational change, developing a new structure, defining and detailing new roles and completing the selection process. Once completed, this is when the real challenge starts - building the new team, adapting processes and ways of working and establishing new internal/external relationships. In this time of change, I am very excited and motivated by the chance to examine the status quo and remodel it to something that will be fit for purpose and really achieve a step change for supply chain performance in 2010.

2007 to 2009

Head of Distribution UK, sanofi-aventis Pharmaceutical Operations

As the Head of Distribution my main role is to lead the team to deliver cost-effective excellence in distribution - tackling solutions innovatively whilst adopting best practice quality processes and procedures. I work with staff at all levels to achieve our vision, whilst keeping a firm eye on operational costs to meet budget requirements.

2001 to 2007

Head of Supply Chain UK, Fawdon I/A - Industrial Affairs

Heading up the supply chain at Fawdon, I took control of the overall smooth running of the site. This included responsibility for everything from the warehouse, to planning, customer interface and managing any pack changes. We worked to create a customer-focused environment, improving business processes to suit adapting needs and looking at the structure of the site to upskill and enhance performance and increase employee engagement.