Whilst we take pride in our products and what they achieve, we know that we would not enjoy the level of success we've had if it weren't for the driving force of the commercial teams based from our Head Office in Guildford.

Our teams are made up of talented individuals all from broad range backgrounds

Whilst each of us has our own individual role to play and contribution to make, we're united in working toward a common goal. Our approach has always been to partner with our customers, as we believe that this achieves the very best service we can for them, nurturing and developing these relationships to meet their specific needs.

Our teams are made up of talented individuals who come from a broad range of backgrounds, who support the seamless running of the business ensuring our products get out to market.

Commercial opportunities vary across all of the following disciplines:

Human Resources

This key area is designed to support, develop, challenge and enable employees and managers to meet the needs of the business. Striving to create and embed a working environment that promotes a culture of high performance whilst instilling the company’s values in tandem with all the HR processes, policies, tools and service.


We ensure within this area that we achieve the highest level of operational performance, while maintaining integrity and financial reporting, taxation, information solutions and purchasing.


Shaping and influencing the way Sanofi is perceived by its customers, patients and the wider community. Communications identifies the great work the organisation is currently doing with new and existing medicines and healthcare services within the UK and overseas and makes sure people find out about it.


Ensures the company’s compliance with legal requirements to reduce risk, protect our reputation for ethical business practice and to re-enforce trust in the portfolio of products and services that the organisation delivers.

Sales and Marketing

Accountable for driving sales on key patent protected brands in the Sanofi portfolio. Striving to understand how the NHS and healthcare professional’s needs are evolving and how we can help them by placing our products at the heart of a high touch service to ultimately improve pateient care.


Working directly with a wide and diverse range of customers to supply products and improve the health of patients. This directorate is unique within the UK pharmaceutical industry for its diversity of products, which include branded medicines, generics, over the counter medical aesthetics.

Access, Excellence and Business Support

High in innovation and forward thinking, this function strives to shape health policy and market access and develop new and creative ways of working with our customers to ensure the needs of the company’s future business and current portfolio are met.

Business Development

Looking outside of the business to identify and acquire new assets to create innovative business to business partnerships designed to grow our UK affiliate.


This division is responsible for providing clinical and medical guidance to both internal and external customers to improve patient care and safety. Patients are at the heart of what we do, from conducting clinical research through to providing medical information.

Every one of our teams contributes to fulfilling our vision - helping to make a difference to patients around the world.