The recruitment process

Our process has been finely tuned to make sure that we both get the most out of the experience. Should your initial application be successful, you can expect to follow either all, or some, of the following stages (your first communication will outline your personal process).

  • First stage interview
  • Second stage interview
  • Assessment Centre


During your interviews we want to give you every opportunity to showcase your skills, so you can expect a range of competency and skills-related questions. As we've highlighted, it's as much about the type of person you are, so before you come - just remind yourself of our values and the key competencies of the role. In short, do your research and use your initiative.

You might also like to think through some of the below as well. Remember, this interview is designed to allow you to present yourself in the most positive light.

  • Previous and current successes
  • Skills (be prepared to substantiate these)
  • Previous project experience (demonstrate the part you played)
  • External/internal recognition
  • Awards

Assessment Centre

Our Assessment Centres are designed to give an accurate and objective picture of someone's performance. If we run an Assessment Centre, this will be held in conjunction with an interview (not necessarily at the same time) to give a balanced and fair view of your capabilities. Observed behaviour differs to perhaps an interview, where a candidate might leave an interviewer open to assume or interpret their intentions.

We often use a range of highly tailored, sophisticated online psychometric tests – which we may ask you to complete subsequent to an initial interview. The results of these often get integrated into subsequent interviews and assessments.

Throughout the day you'll be observed and assessed across a number of pre-determined competencies and may include one or all of the following:

  • Presentation
  • Analysis of data
  • Written exercise
  • Role play(s)
  • Group exercise

Final interview

Whilst Assessment Centres can seem daunting, they really are there to give you the opportunity to shine. We want you to succeed, it only serves to both our advantage. Just remember two important things; be prepared and be yourself.