Application hints and tips

As with any interview process, the idea is to set yourself apart from other candidates. However, what we're really looking for is an honest representation of who you are. If you're not true to yourself throughout the process, you may be successful - only to find out that you're not right for us, and we're not right for you.

A great application takes a bit of time, thought and attention to detail. Always leave some time to review your application before sending it, you may find that after a bit of ‘space' you want to tweak it a bit before sending it.

Here are some common sense points to consider when applying to Sanofi.

  • Keep your CV relevant and in a clear, professional format.
  • Keep your text well-spaced and easy for the eye to read, with obvious headings to skim through - do not use lots of different fonts or font sizes.
  • Keep it brief. Your CV should be between 2-4 pages.
  • Referees are appreciated, but will be requested if you reach the offer stage.
  • Always answer each question fully and properly. You need to present clear evidence that you possess all the qualities and skills that we require.
  • Sell yourself, but keep it relevant, focused and truthful.
  • Make it easy for the person reviewing your application. Break long sections into shorter paragraphs. Start with your headline response, and then develop the detail of your answer.
  • We are interested in what you've done, but we're more interested in what you've achieved or learned from the experience.
  • Write in rough first, reflect and re-write before completing detailed questions online.

Check your grammar and spelling, and proof read your application.
Print a copy of your application; you might need to refer to it again.

Good luck, we're looking forward to hearing from you.