Our global reach

We believe that the patients themselves know what treatment is best for them in their own economic and cultural habitat.

This is why we employ over 110,000 people in over 100 countries - in both established and emerging markets - to ensure that individual needs are met locally, whilst benefiting from the best scientific minds around the globe. We are headquartered in Paris, but our healthcare solutions are available in over 170 countries.

To ensure we keep at the forefront of innovation, we have 16,000 research staff working in over 4 R&D hubs across Germany, France, North America and Asia.

We also have a focus on improving access to healthcare across the world. In 2015, we had 280 programmes which facilitated access and benefited more than 300million people worldwide.

In addition to these broader programmes, the Sanofi Group created the Sanofi Espoir Foundation in October 2010 to fortify its international solidarity and make its commitment clearer to all stakeholders.

The Foundation is tasked with helping reduce healthcare inequalities and poverty among the world’s poorest populations. Its action lines are focused on three key targets:
• fighting childhood cancers in low-income countries,
• reducing maternal and newborn mortality,
• delivering access to care for the most vulnerable social groups, particularly in France

The Foundation naturally responds to humanitarian emergencies, but focuses primarily on long-term partnerships to act on such recurrent issues as education and prevention, training and access to care.